How to Build & Deploy a Winning Franchise Brand Story

A Franfuel Bootcamp to Transform Your Brand and Ignite Franchise Sales

Ignite franchise sales with a compelling why you / why now

Your brand story is your most important asset. It defines who you are, why you exist, and why you’re the best franchise opportunity right now.

Your brand story is your story.

It’s the story behind the passion of your founders, the core values of your team, the mission of your brand, the products and services that you sell, and the value that you bring.

In this bootcamp, Charles Internicola and Nick Powills will be doing a deep dive into the critically important questions of Why You / Why Now and helping to connect all the dots from the day that your founder first opened his or her doors for business to the transformation that awaits your franchisees.

Our three part framework focuses on:

  1. The purpose behind your brand including your founder’s story, the problems that your brand solves, and the mission of  your team.
  2. The opportunity that your brand represents in the marketplace.
  3. The transformation that your franchisees will experience.

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