Accelerated Franchise Sales that Outpace Your Marketing Spend?

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The snowball effect. 

The moment when the uphill push and pull of your franchise development strategy, marketing, and deployed assets reach a tipping point. The moment when gravity turns from a force of resistance to momentum. The moment when your franchise sales snowball steams down hill gaining greater energy and strength as sales outpace development dollars and your brand gains attraction from franchise brokers, organic leads, and digital marketing spend.

The effect is real but few ever get to experience it! The reason why? There are many reasons but the most common culprit is expecting too much out of your marketing initiatives and ignoring the long-term cumulative snowball effect. Once you go down that road there’s a tendency to focus on short-term and immediate results. 

What follows next is disappointment, starts and stops, and deployment of inconsistent development strategies. There’s confusion and, many times, there’s a reset every year. As if on January 1 of every year something new is about to happen and yesterday’s marketing spend is forever gone.

The marketing dollars that you spend today, if deployed properly, should have an impact 6, 12, 24, and 32 months from now.  How do you get there? Think long-term. Build your franchise development budgets around a 2, 3, 4 and 5 year plan. Spend your dollars on long-term tactics that keep building on one another, that reinforce your brand story, that consistently engages brokers, and that system-wide efforts that will determine what your validation, and Item 19 KPI’s will look like years from now.